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You can download Pinterest videos by simply going to our Pinterest video downloader. Paste your video link, and Click on the Download button. Your video will be downloaded in 1080p or any other available quality.

Pinterest Video Downloader

If Pinterest, being one of the most popular visual discovery platforms, happens to be your favorite app too – you’re definitely not alone. With billions of captivating pins to take inspiration from, there is never a dull moment as you scroll through your interests and discover those of like-minded people. 

It’s very likely that if you spot a pin you love on this visually-oriented network, you’ll be tempted to download it as well. While Pinterest allows you to download pins from pin boards to keep your favorite content sorted and organized, it does not offer the feature to download them. And that’s where our Pinterest downloader steps in.

This Pinterest video downloader tool is an amazing solution that lets you download your bookmarked pins in your device gallery. All you have to do is use the Pinterest downloader online and save your favorite Pinterest video to access it offline later on. Regardless of the type of visual content you want to download, or the device you want to download it on – the Pinterest downloader does the job for you in minutes. All thanks to our interactive, user-friendly interface; specially curated for your easy navigation! 

In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about using Pinterest downloader to make the most out of this platform, even when you’re offline. In case you haven’t used Pinterest to date, we would suggest you sign up right now. Taking the plunge into the world of highly creative virtual pinboards sounds intriguing, so what’s stopping you anyway?

What is a Pinterest Downloader? 

As you already know, you cannot directly download any type of content from Pinterest, and unfortunately, this also includes your most cherished video. That’s exactly what makes this Pinterest Video Downloader a super handy tool for downloading videos pins without any hassle. 

Whether you are a teacher who’s looking for teaching resources, a student who needs a particular video for their assignment, or a parent wanting to save an alluring idea for their kid’s room makeover – our Pinterest Video Downloader is always going to be your safest bet. And this is not just limited to videos. You can also select and download your preferred images, GIFs, and stories to your local drive storage. This means that you no longer have to rely on your cloud library as with the option to download pins, you now have access to so much more data storage offline. 

Another great thing that you’ll love about our online Pinterest downloader tool is the option to convert specific content to different formats before downloading it. For instance, you can convert a GIF to an image, or vice versa. Our entire downloading process is simple with features and benefits that aim to provide convenience for you. 

Be it art, fashion, health, lifestyle, travel – or literally any other category of visual content; with the Pinterest pin downloader, there’s nothing that can’t be downloaded to be a part of your camera roll. 

So without any delay, let’s dive into the features and how-to guides in the following sections to help you make the most of our Pinterest Video Downloader.

Pinterest Video Downloader Functionality

Pinterest image gallery has several useful, pinnable picks for connoisseurs. We have launched our Pinterest video downloader keeping our users’ preferences in mind.

Sometimes, you may want to download pins and at other times you may want to download a story or an image. In any case, our Pinterest downloader online will cater to all formats to download pins easily. 

Following are the key functions of our Pinterest downloader:

  • Pinterest Video Downloader
  • Pinterest Image Downloader
  • Pinterest Gif Downloader
  • Pinterest Story Downloader

Let’s have a look at each one of them in detail. 

How Pinterest Video Downloader Helps downloading videos from Pinterest?

Our Pinterest video downloader helps users to download pins in high-quality Mp4 format for free. We are keen to provide you with the best Pinterest downloader available online to help you save Pinterest videos to your gallery, something that Pinterest doesn’t allow you to do. 


Following are some of the features of our Pinterest video downloader:

  • High Definition videos of 720p to 1080p resolution (Full HD Support)
  • Fast downloading
  • Reliable and efficient processing
  • High uptime 
  • Secure video saving and retrieval
  • Ability to convert videos to MP4 and other formats

How to use Pinterest Video Downloader?

Our Pinterest video downloader follows a straightforward and user-friendly process. Your favorite video is just a few clicks away from being saved in your gallery. 

Pinterest Video Downloader

To download Pinterest videos using a Pinterest video downloader, you have to:

  • Copy the link of your favorite Pinterest video you wish to download
  • Go to our Pinterest downloader homepage
  • Paste the copied link in the given field
  • Click on the “download” button
  • Select your preferred video format and click “download link”

Following this easy process,  you can easily download Pinterest videos in your device gallery. Your video will be downloaded to your device and can be accessed later as well.

Pinterest Image Downloader

Our website also supports Pinterest image downloader feature to let you download pins of your favorite content in the form of high-quality HD images. From those scenic travel clicks to inspiring quote pictures, all the note-worthy images are now easily downloadable with the help of our Pinterest downloader.


The primary features of our Pinterest image downloader include:

  • Easy accessibility
  • No-cost solution
  • Unlimited downloads
  • High-Quality HD images
  • Fast processing 
  • Followable instructions
  • Bug-free support
  • Seamless functionality
  • 100% better uptime

To make the most of Pinterest image downloader and enjoy its optimum functionality, try to understand how to use it first. Even though we have made the interface as navigable as possible, it is better to review the steps before execution. 

How to use Pinterest Image Downloader?

To download images from Pinterest you have to:

  • Select an image you want to download
  • Click on the three dots and copy the image link
  • Go to our Pinterest image downloader
  • Paste your copied link and press “download” 

Pinterest GIFs Downloader

Pinterest hosts a variety of visual treasures. The content on Pinterest is not only diverse in its categories but also formats. Hence, the images, stories, GIFs, and videos. The GIFs files are either static or animated images depicting a short activity.

Our Pinterest GIFs downloader helps download your GIF formatted pins onto your device gallery. 


  • High-quality GIF animations 
  • Smooth downloading
  • Fast methodology
  • Simple yet effective design 
  • 100% free service
  • No prior registration required
  • Unlimited GIF downloading 
  • Downloads per your preferred format
  • Preserved original resolution 

How to use Pinterest Downloading GIFs?

To download GIFs from Pinterest you have to:

  • Open the Pinterest app
  • Explore the available GIFs in your feed
  • Select the GIF you would like to download
  • Click on three dots and copy the GIF image link 
  • Go to our Pinterest GIFs downloader
  • Paste the link in the interactive field box of our pin downloader
  • Click the “download” button

Pinterest Story Downloader

Keep track of your stories and download them on your drive by using our Pinterest story downloader tool for free. Getting regular updates from your favorite influencers, sharing their stories, and saving them offline become a lot easier with our Pinterest downloader.  


  • Instant downloading
  • Guest downloading permitted
  • Free story downloading 
  • Unlimited rounds of seamless service 
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface
  • MP4 file format support
  • Multi-platform support
  • Guaranteed data safety
  • Reliable performance uptime

How to use Pinterest Story Downloader?

Downloading Pinterest stories has never been easier before. You won’t have to go through the technicalities involved in the process executed by our Pinterest story downloader. 

To download stories from Pinterest, you have to:

  • Visit Pinterest and explore your feed for stories worth downloading
  • Select the story that you would like to download
  • Copy the story link
  • Go to our Pinterest Story downloader 
  • Paste the copied story link in the download field
  • Press the download button

How to download videos from Pinterest Using Our Pinterest Video Downloader on any device? – Complete Video Tutorials

Downloading videos from Pinterest becomes a simple process due to our navigable interface. Our Pinterest video downloader has an edge over the competitors due to its user-friendliness and improved functionality.

Along with that, the multiple platform support lets you use our tool anywhere and on any device of your choice. Let us explain how to download Pinterest videos on any of the following devices:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • Mobile

How to download Pinterest videos on PC/Laptop?

If you are using a PC and spot a video or an image worth downloading while exploring your Pinterest feed, our Pinterest downloader for PC will help you here.

To download Pinterest videos on PC/Laptop, you have to:

  • Open the Pinterest website and log in to your account
  • Search for the pins you are interested in by using the search field
  • Copy the selected video URL from the address bar of the webpage
  • Open our Pinterest downloader
  • Paste the link in the field
  • Click the download button

How to download Pinterest videos on MacBook/iPad?

If you are a Macbook or iPad user and exploring Pinterest from your MacBook or iPad, you can still use our Pinterest downloader for Mac to save your selected videos in your Mac or iPad gallery.

To download Pinterest Videos on your Macbook, you need to:

  • Open safari browser from your MacBook/iPad
  • Log in to your Pinterest account
  • Select the video you would like to download and Copy the video URL
  • Go to our Pinterest video downloader
  • Paste the copied video URL into the download box field
  • Press the download button to initiate the download

How to download Pinterest videos on iPhone?

To download Pinterest videos on iPhone, you have to:

  • First login to your Pinterest account from your iPhone
  • Now select a video that you would like to download
  • Copy the URL of this video from the address bar
  • Now visit our Pinterest downloader 
  • Paste the copied URL into the field present on the homepage
  • Click the download button to start your Pinterest video download on iOS

How to download Pinterest videos on Android Mobile Phone?

To download Pinterest videos on an android phone, you have to:

  • Open the Pinterest App on your android mobile.
  • Login to your account.
  • Enter a search query to find pins of your interest or explore your feed. 
  • Select the video that you would like to download.
  • Copy the URL of the selected video.
  • Paste the copied URL on the field beside the download button of our Pinterest downloader
  • Press the download button on the main page. 
  • The download will begin. 

How Can I Test This Pinterest Video Downloader?

Our Pinterest video downloader is compatible with all devices and if you are a first-time user you can always run a trial test. 

  • For example, consider this arbitrary link from Pinterest:
  • Just copy the mentioned above video URL 
  • Paste the copied URL into the address field and click the download button and your file will start to download. 

Why should you use our Pinterest Video downloader over other available pin downloaders?

When it comes to efficiency, safe data downloading, and fast accessibility, our Pinterest video downloader wins the race. After careful brainstorming and longitudinal research, we have come up with a downloader that incorporates the best features of all the competitors out there. We have your best interests at heart. We don’t want you to miss out on your favorite pins and stories. — A Best Pins Downloader !!! Why?

Our Pinterest downloader is your best bet as an effective Pinterest video downloader solution. 

Some of the most reliable reasons for you to trust our tool are:

Unlimited Pinterest video downloading

Pinterest video downloader provides unlimited rounds of seamless downloading. Now you don’t have to worry about limited paid trials and costly premium memberships of the third-party applications. With our cloud-based platform, everything is within your reach. 

Download Pinterest videos without watermark 

Using the watermark would hide the videos and become annoying for you eventually. The copyright protection that a watermark ensures is overshadowed by the need for clarity and originality of a video. Our Pinterest video downloader has a feature to download Pinterest videos without a watermark.

100% uptime 

The uptime has been improved 100% to ensure increased performance. Our Pinterest video downloader doesn’t lag and executes tasks smoothly on time.  


The interface of our website has a high UX functionality and support. The operational time for the Pinterest video downloader is improved due to the user-friendly navigation through the site tools. The process for downloading pins is a single-click, straightforward process that you can understand at a glance. 

High-quality videos

Our Pinterest downloader online supports HD images and 1080p video downloading. The quality is highly enhanced and the downloaded videos are bright and clear with the original resolution kept intact. 

High speed downloading

Our Pin downloader is so easy to use that it accomplishes the task in a matter of seconds. Single-click, high-speed downloading provides instant user satisfaction and caters to a widespread audience. 

10+ languages support

As a global site, we believe in diversity and localized user experiences. We have attempted an all-inclusive approach to appease our audience across the globe. This is why our Pinterest video download tool has been translated into 10+ regional and global languages to cater to people from all major countries worldwide

FAQs on Pinterest Video Downloader 

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an idea-sharing visual community of like-minded people. It is an image hosting service with millions of accounts uploading inspiring content every day. If you are a part of this community you would love to share and download your favorite pins too. 

How do I download videos from pins?
Pinterest doesn’t provide direct downloading from its site as we have mentioned above. Therefore, our Pinterest pin downloader lets you follow a simple, copy-paste method to help download pins directly from Pinterest. You can download Pinterest videos by simply copying the URL of the video that you want to download and paste it into our download field then press the download button.
Does our tool support Pinterest video to mp3 download?
No, as people mostly explore Pinterest for creative arts, educational content, and lifestyle inspirational resources, Pinterest video to MP3 conversion is not needed in general. Pinterest is unlike Youtube, where music videos may lead people to look for an MP3 format video download. Our website instead has a Pinterest video downloader mp4 option for high-resolution videos to make your pins more interesting and accessible.
Does our website also support Pinterest video downloader mp4 feature?
 Yes, our website features a Pinterest video downloader mp4 with 1080p resolution.
How do you download GIFs and pictures from Pinterest?
Similar to the video URL, each image and GIF also has a certain URL on Pinterest. To download GIFs from Pinterest, you have to copy the GIF URL and paste it into the field box of our Pinterest video downloader and press the download button.
Can you download stories from Pinterest?
No, you cannot download stories from Pinterest. Therefore, to download stories from Pinterest, you can follow the above-mentioned method for Pinterest story downloader in this regard.
Is it safe to download images from Pinterest?
Pinterest is an image-rich platform with pictures being uploaded from various regions by millions of users every day. Occasional spamming or phishing attacks may inevitably threaten to affect the site’s performance. However, our Pinterest image downloader ensures absolute data security and malware filtration during the media extraction and downloading.
Is Pinterest video download free?
Yes, isn’t it amazing that our Pinterest video downloader is not only free but also offers unlimited downloading sessions? It doesn’t require any prior registration for downloading. You just need the link to your target download file and you are good to go.
Can I download videos from Pinterest?
No, unfortunately, Pinterest has no direct downloading feature to let you save your selected pins to your local device. However, we have developed our Pinterest video downloader to overcome this exact drawback.
Is Pinterest images copyright free?
No, unless specified by the uploader. Experts recommend reaching out for pinboards that are advertised specifically as royalty-free otherwise you should assume that all images hosted by Pinterest are under licensed usage of the platform. For downloading copyright-free pins and stories our Pinterest video downloader can be a handy tool.
Is Pinterest video downloader supported by all devices?
Yes, you can open the Pinterest video downloader on any device easily. Our tool is supported by all sorts of devices and platforms including PC Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.
Is it necessary to install any download manager for using our Pinterest video download tool?
No. There is no need to install any additional software or a download manager before using our online Pinterest video downloader. You can directly access our website and follow the copy-paste method as mentioned in the article above.
Is your Pinterest video downloader 4k supported?
No, it doesn’t support 4k video download. However, you can download any Pinterest videos with 1080p with 100% accuracy and water-free results.
Can I download a live Pinterest video?
To download a live video from Pinterest, you will have to wait until it is done with the live streaming. Then you can simply copy the URL of that video and access our Pinterest video downloader to download that live video.
Is Pinterest video downloader a cloud-based tool?
Yes, our Pinterest downloader online is an open-source, cloud-based tool for which you don’t require any third-party apps.
Is there any limit to downloading videos using your Pinterest video downloader?
No, there is no limit to download pins using our open-source platform.
What will be the default file format for videos downloaded by Pinterest pin downloader online?
The quality of the downloaded file and the format depends upon your selection at the time of downloading. Pinterest video downloader provides multiple formats to download pins such as 4K, full HD (1080p), MP4, etc. If you choose the correct format you won’t need to use the Pinterest downloader anymore.