How to Make a Mood Board on Pinterest

To make a mood board on Pinterest, launch the app, create a new board, name it, browse for inspiration, and save the pins to your mood board for a delightful creative experience.

Looking for a captivating and expressive way to showcase your thoughts and emotions? Say hello to Pinterest mood boards, the online scrapbooks that let you curate a stunning collection of photos, quotes, colors, and more, all reflecting a particular mood or emotion. 

Whether you’re looking to lift your spirits or dive into a creative project, mood boards have got you covered! Beyond personal use, professionals in various industries, including authors and marketers, harness the power of mood boards to represent the essence of their work. 

So, if you’re a dreamer or a business innovator, let’s dive into the art of How to make a mood board on Pinterest.

How to Make Mood Board on Android Mobile or IOS

To make a mood board on iPhone is a breeze, and with these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to curating inspiration and creativity.

1. Launch the Pinterest App

Start by opening the Pinterest mobile app on your Android or iOS device and log in to your Pinterest account. If you don’t have one, fear not! You can easily create an account within minutes.

2. Add a New Board

Tap the friendly plus icon located at the bottom of your screen.

3. Select Board

From the pop-up window, select ‘Board’ to create a new board for your mood board. 

4. Give it a Name

Enter a catchy and relevant name for your mood board. Want it to be private? No worries! Simply toggle the switch to keep it a secret from other users. Tap ‘Next’ on the top right of the screen to Make mood board on Pinterest.

5. Time to Pin

Once you’re back in the main home feed, the fun begins! Start browsing through the ideas and inspirations that captivate your imagination. To add a pin to your mood board, long-press the pin, then smoothly drag your finger to the Pin icon. 

6. Save to Your Mood Board

Finally, search for a board on Pinterest from the list, and done! Your pin will be safely stored there, ready to infuse your creative journey with delight. 

How to Make Mood Board on a Desktop

Creating a mood board on your desktop can be an enjoyable and visually inspiring experience. 

Follow these easy steps to Make mood board on Pinterest that reflects your style and personality:

Step 1:Log into Pinterest

Open your web browser and log in to your Pinterest account.

Step 2: Tap Plus to Create New Board

Click on your profile photo in the upper right corner of the screen. In the Boards section of your profile page, click the plus icon. 

Step 3: Tap Boards

From the drop-down menu, select ‘Board.’

Step 4:Name Your Mood Board

In the ‘Create Board’ window, give your mood board a name. To keep it private until it’s ready, check the “Keep this board secret” box. Then, hit the ‘Create’ button.

Step 5:Save Relevant Pins

Pinterest will suggest some pins that match your mood. Click the ‘Save’ button on any pin that resonates with your desired vibe. If you don’t find suitable pins from the suggestions, click ‘Done.’

Step 6:Explore More Ideas

Once inside your new mood board, click the ‘More ideas’ icon (sparkles icon) to discover more pins to add. If you mistakenly add a wrong pin then you can also unsave on Pinterest

Step 6:Refine Your Search 

Use keywords in the Pinterest search box at the top of the screen. Select ‘All Pins’ to generate results containing all available pins.

Step 7:Add Pins to Your Mood Board

Hover over a pin you like, then click the downward arrow. Next, hover over your mood board and hit the ‘Save’ button beside the board title to add the pin.

With these simple steps, you’ll create a stunning mood board on your desktop, representing the essence of your style and inspiring your creative endeavors.

Tips and Tricks to Create Mood Board on Pinterest

Did you know that 1.5% of internet users call Pinterest their favorite social media platform? This staggering statistic highlights the immense popularity and influence of Pinterest as a creative haven. Let your creativity soar with these tips and join the millions of users who have taken their mood board game to the next level.

Make Multiple Boards: Don’t be confined to a single board. Let your ideas flow and create multiple boards for different themes, color palettes, or projects. This way, you can organize and explore your thoughts freely.

Add and Delete At Will: Mood boards are like living canvases; feel free to add or remove pins as your vision evolves. Embrace the freedom to refine and redefine your creative direction.

Work Freely: There are no rigid rules! Work intuitively, following your heart’s desire. Whether it’s a dreamy vacation, a home makeover, or a wedding theme, let your board speak your unique story.

Add Too Much: Overflow your board with images, quotes, textures, and colors. Sometimes, unexpected combinations spark magic and lead to brilliant ideas.

Use Different Media: Pinterest isn’t just about images. Infuse your boards with videos, GIFs, and inspiring articles to enrich your creative journey.

What is a Brand Mood Board, And How Does it Shape Brand Identity?

A brand mood board is a visual representation of your business’s distinct identity that sets it apart from others. Crafting an authentic brand identity is crucial to attract and resonate with your target audience. Using elements that mirror your brand, create a Pinterest mood board that encapsulates your essence. 

Select colors, quotes, and visuals that speak to your brand’s values. With this purposeful mood board, you can effectively reach potential clients, leaving a lasting impact through compelling visuals that communicate your brand’s offerings. 

Utilizing mood boards as a marketing strategy on Pinterest can generate sales and create a positive impression of your brand among clients, both present and future.

Why Do I Need a Brand Mood Board?

A brand mood board serves as a powerful tool to convey your brand’s unique story to customers. By showcasing your brand’s essence and ideas, it enables effective communication with clients. 

When clients glimpse at your mood board, they grasp what your brand stands for, fostering a deeper connection. This cultivates customer interest and engagement, making them a part of your business journey.

Final Verdict

And there you have it! This blog post has provided you with all the necessary insights on how to Make mood board on Pinterest using iPhone/Android phones and desktops. While the process might seem a bit confusing at first, fear not, as this guide has got you covered from start to finish. 

Unleash your creative flair and express your emotions through captivating visual effects with the help of Pinterest’s welcoming platform. Create mood board on Pinterest and share them, be inspired by others, and witness the magic of self-expression and artistic discovery. 

So, let your creativity shine and embark on your mood board journey with Pinterest’s delightful community of users. 

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