Pinterest Vs. Instagram – Which One is Better for Your Business?

–With an evolving aura of social media platforms, apps are advancing at an unbelievable pace. From aesthetic interface to visualization of interactive content, Instagram and Pinterest never back off in hooking their followers. 

Both Instagram and Pinterest have successfully created havoc in the world of e-commerce marketing, influencerships, and visual guides on different life subjects. 

To have a broad verdict on the said debate, stay connected with the facts spilled below: 

Pinterest at a Glance

Considering their soulful purposes, the debate on Pinterest vs. Instagram for business is tricky to conclude. Although both are identical regarding content visualization, Pinterest is distinct for its unmatchable aesthetics and content recommendations. 

You might be surprised to know a less common fact, Instagram and Pinterest were inaugurated in the same year! Whereas Pinterest has surpassed an active audience of 455 million. 

The essentials of a Pinterest pin are: 

  • High-definition vertical visuals.
  • Impactful and precisely descriptive captions. 
  • Efficient external linking
  • Relevant text overlay

Instagram at a Glance

Instagram has become a social media giant with over 1 billion fans following across the globe that’s surpassing enormously with every passing day. Since its inception, Instagram was aimed to put forward visual content featuring memories and still shots only. 

Later, it was led by a storm with a renaissance in digital marketing and brand endorsements. This evolution introduced millions of influencers showcasing lifestyle, fashion, cooking, and other latest trends.

With multiple outreach options such as reels, IGTV, videos, stories, story highlights, posts, innovative captions, and whatnot, Instagram serves as a digital franchise to countless sects of life. Hence, Instagram not only connects people around the globe but also functions as the greatest digital market ever for professionals from every sector of life. 

The essentials of posting content on Instagram must have the following: 

  • A catchy caption that fits with the vibe and message of the post. 
  • Using the right hashtags as keywords for better SEO and reach. 
  • The higher visual quality of snaps and videos. 
  • Keeping up with the aesthetic vibe of a profile or business account. 

Pinterest Vs. Instagram for Business| Key differences

The two social media hubs closely tie the competition with fantastic digital functions. 

1. Type of Content: 


Instagram leads through the race of visual content posting on social platforms. You can either post photos or short videos as reels. The choice is yours; either it can go on your profile feed or stay for 24 hours on your story! 

Stories can be made available forever through story highlights archives. 


Although Pinterest isn’t much different from Instagram, the posted content seems to have a taller frame and is posted as pins. However, users can add your pins to their collections if they’re open for public privacy! 

2. Demographics: 

Demographics are a major help in reaching out to a target audience. Hence it must be checked beforehand. 


If your target audience has to be younger individuals or majorly below 50 years of age, Instagram is for you. With female users leading the count, the demographics state that the most active users are from 18-30 years of age. 


The net user count of Pinterest has female dominance over male users. The demographics are the view that Pinterest is popular among people 18-50 years old. 

3. Hashtags and Keywords Integration(SEO)

Hashtags act as keywords to categorize and recommend content based on consumers’ preferences. 


For an enhanced outreach, nothing’s better than Instagram hashtags. Under one hashtag, users can find multiple recommendations. Not only that, but hashtags also enable brands and business owners to gain a major audience by just putting the right hashtags along with strong visuals. 


Whereas hashtags are meant to categorize and spread content among the target audience on Instagram, they aren’t practically functional through Pinterest. Instead, pins must be labeled for better categorization and visibility. 

4. Content Editing Options: 


Instagram has mastered multiple ways to edit your content, photos, short videos, and reels. You’re good at adding aesthetic filters, adjusting visual features, and adding your favorite music. 

This feature has helped artists spread their voices, talent, and skill throughout the world. Brands are succeeding in seamless marketing by indulging influencers in making creative content while being sponsored. 


Though Pinterest doesn’t support any such benefit, you can edit it separately and post a pin afterward. 

5. Shopping Features: 

Pinterest Vs. Instagram for business, updated shopping features can rule out the best one. 


In 2022, Instagram has won the race in e-commerce marketing and online shopping through an advanced consumer approach. 

By dropping trending services’ and products’ links in a profile bio or adding product tags in posts and stories, viewers will land on the sale pages within no time!


Pins contain product details, shopping sites, and other necessary information that makes it handy for viewers to approach a certain e-commerce site or online shop. 

The Pinterest lens is the most cutting-edge innovation of Pinterest features. Be it anything on your mind that you’re not finding anywhere else, Pinterest will do it for you! You must scan the desired product’s image through the lens and scroll through multiple recommendations from renowned brands and marketplaces.  

5. E-Commerce Benefits of Instagram and Pinterest: 

Last but not the least, e-commerce purposes are best served at both platforms through distinct variables. To market your services and improve your online presence in the world of digital marketing, you’ll need their assistance sooner or later to make a kick start. 


Instagram is reported to produce genuine and persistent consumerism through interactive features like live streaming, posts, and videos. More than 70% of users are seen buying a product every time they see something new in the market. 


Pinterest has left no stone unturned in paying a dedicated service to e-commerce-related benefits. People look up to its dynamic and aesthetic collection of pins, be it suggesting tones for their web pages and profiles or planning the entire ceremonial events and dressing up for them. 

There’s nothing Pinterest doesn’t have in its versatile storage box! 

6. Functional Algorithm: 

Alongside unique features, both Instagram and Pinterest work through avant-garde algorithms. 

Whereas Pinterest doesn’t abide by time-sensitive content posting, your pins continue gaining viewers throughout their existence. Instagram requires persistent engagement by refreshing viewership through continuous content posting. 

Final Verdict

If you’re a business owner keen to expand your services or products through the online space, consider making up to Instagram or Pinterest. Determining your target audience and mode of marketing content will pave the way to a successful social media marketing campaign for you! 

Pinterest Vs. Instagram for business, choose what fits your long-term and short-term goals!

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